Create an override for 'globalblocking-ipblocked-range' for Wikimedia

Authored by MarcoAurelio on Jan 30 2020, 10:39 PM.


Create an override for 'globalblocking-ipblocked-range' for Wikimedia

Creates a Wikimedia override for the 'globalblocking-ipblocked-range
message from the GlobalBlocking extension which is called
'wikimedia-globalblocking-ipblocked-range', similarly to what we've done
for other GlobalBlocking messages so Wikimedia users affected by global
IP blocks knows where to request more information or appeal them.

Documentation was tweaked a bit on includes/WikimediaMessagesHooks.php
so it's clear we're talking about global blocks, just in case.

Bug: T243974
Change-Id: If0cac4312a6ad0b6ce2b144cce9d65f563d556da
(cherry picked from commit 36f7f65d4d6b7152b37110f84b54eae2b88c2187)