Service-runner migration


Service-runner migration

✓ Uses service-runner for managing instances, logging, metrics, security headers,

request ID logging etc.

✓ Added Swagger spec for API end points.
✓ Swagger-UI provides a convinient documentation and playground for api end points
✓ Simplified all Q based promises to bluebird promises to match the service-runner
✓ Server uses express 4, which has significant changes from the previous versions.
✓ All tests migrated to mocha. Some test instrumentation was corrected. For example

SegmentationTests.json file had an overriding en tests, resulting only one test
to execute for English.

✓ Configuration is no longer in JSON, but in YAML
✓ Dropped parsoid based pageloading in favor of restbase. We were using restbase

for many months for this and parsoid was just kept for testing the server easily,
but we can do that with restbase as well

✓ v1 API end point does not change, so there is no version bump. There is a small

change in mt end point, but that was made to accept content as formdata. We need
to migrate the MT module to set html param in formdata once dust settles.

✓ There are several code snippets taken from service-runner-template.
✓ Every api end point is tested using mocha. jshint and jscs checks are also done.

Bug: T101272
Change-Id: Ia5e0950b314f54e10e50230af9a3761be6a8ee0a


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mobrovacCommitted on Dec 11 2015, 11:22 AM
rGCXS5d473f8ecaa1: Merge "Add new MT pairs for Yandex"