cxserver v2 apis

Authored by santhosh on Oct 12 2017, 7:34 AM.


cxserver v2 apis

V2 router class inherits v1. So every router defined in v1
is available in v2. Their behavior can be modified.

  1. Page fetch api will have section wrapping in v2. It is not implemented in this patch. So effectively it is same as v1, but in follow ups we will customize
  2. /translate api is available (only) in v2.

MW CX need to know which version of api to call. See patch
I20334f08bda for a simple approach.

Swagger UI for /?doc api path now uses a library copied from
service-template-node project

spec.yaml had new v2 api paths

Change-Id: I8ca37ce4884aa8d65c16b14ae682b395afb848ab