Update mobileapps to ee50d59

Authored by Mholloway on Dec 6 2017, 9:51 PM.


Update mobileapps to ee50d59

List of changes:
4f0d18e tag-deploy: push only the created tag
f8ef398 Batch MW API query requests
dc44d64 Get derivatives from Parsoid HTML and call imageinfo for metadata
48255b0 Add diff test for the media endpoint
621b41d Add audio files to response
9788357 Add on-wiki captions to media response
fbf06a2 Add thumb_mime and duration to media output
0d5db1c Media: move extmetadata properties of interest into the top level
19f078f Report image properties in standard image objects
969e277 Media: Add thumb_time to video items, if it exists
c346c71 Hygiene: Remove NSP workaround for moment.js
9a896c2 Media: Mark spoken WP files with audio_type: spoken
0e94a9e Media: exclude 'width' and 'height' properties from audio items
c9f0480 Hygiene: Add media selector unit tests
f247cd5 Media: Unit testing for metadata and derivatives parsing
fb876d1 Media: Add pronunciation audio files
abd03a8 Hygiene: Fix fixVideoAnchor test
71fde87 Hygiene: Consolidate media selectors
cdda9f6 Fix: restore video derivatives
764f838 Hygiene: remove adjustMemberKeys and fillInMemberKeys from mobile-util
f14174d Fix broken tests
bbaa87b Media endpoint output tweaks, pt. 1
d30f725 Media endpoint output tweaks, pt. 2: derivatives
1c6e047 Media: Add page count for paged items (PDF, TIFF, DjVu, etc.)
d9b7665 Media: Exclude .noviewer and .metadata items
c49685a Hygiene: Use Element.closest where appropriate
ee50d59 Version number for the media endpoint
xxxxxxx Update node module dependencies

Change-Id: I070e692c96484d46b3096b79b8bc28049a7a806d


MhollowayDec 6 2017, 9:51 PM
rGMOD4305d96618f4: Update mobileapps to 4317ea5