MediaWiki theme: Unify `padding` on DecoratedOptionWidget and descendants

Authored by Volker E <volker.e@wikimedia.org> on Mar 27 2017, 1:06 AM.


MediaWiki theme: Unify padding on DecoratedOptionWidget and descendants

Unifying padding & positioning of labels/icons/indicators across
DecoratedOptionWidget and derived DraggableElement, MenuOption-,
MenuSectionOption & OutlineOptionWidget.


  • fixing styling of MenuSectionOptionWidget by showing correct cursor (selector specificity issue) and harmonizing with MenuOptionWidget styles,
  • removing OutlineOptionWidget's font-size hack by better, more specific solution,
  • removing unnecessary specific selector, as DraggableElement carries either .oo-ui-draggableElement or .oo-ui-draggableElement-handle on every occurrence,
  • adding position: relative to Dropdown handle to have icon/indicator position done correctly.

Bug: T92452
Bug: T161177
Change-Id: I2223c6dc3423c13219e3cf6c8ea712c48d82e117