Merge branch 'dmrewrite' of ssh://review/mediawiki/extensions/VisualEditor…

Authored by Inez.


Merge branch 'dmrewrite' of ssh://review/mediawiki/extensions/VisualEditor into dmrewrite

Merged Changes

1798a478e73c TrevorParscal
Massive refactor of node trees, generalizing lots of previously dm only stuff 
May 10 2012
0848eaca0408Christian Williams
Merge branch 'dmrewrite' of ssh://gerrit.wikimedia.org… 
May 10 2012
3d289365bcecChristian Williams
Images and tables working with HTMLConverter 
May 10 2012
b4478216be0f TrevorParscal
Added tests for document synchronizer 
May 10 2012
44b311920e38 TrevorParscal
Cleanup/refactor/documentation work for ve.dm.DocumentSynchronizer 
May 10 2012
2747ff05c523 TrevorParscal
Added basic test for ve.dm.DocumentSychronizer 
May 10 2012
d417c571a432 rmoen
* Ported getAnnotationsFromOffset into DocumentFragment * Wrote unit test for… 
May 9 2012
89a2b1bc40bf TrevorParscal
Fixed naming in test moved from ve.dm.DocumentFragment to ve.dm.Document 
May 9 2012
c017d7421cb7 TrevorParscal
Removed use of expected in conjunction with ve.dm.example.*Equal methods 
May 9 2012
a0178fd3bb94 TrevorParscal
Cleanup and renaming 
May 9 2012