Merge branch 'dmrewrite' of ssh://gerrit.wikimedia.org…

Authored by Inez.


Merge branch 'dmrewrite' of ssh://gerrit.wikimedia.org:29418/mediawiki/extensions/VisualEditor into dmrewrite

Merged Changes

ca4f19c72689 TrevorParscal
Fixed remaining uses of transact to change 
Jun 19 2012
d6dd113d8d23 TrevorParscal
Adjusted fades and cleaned up URI objects 
Jun 19 2012
26dee2c8ea0b TrevorParscal
Switched to using "pageName" instead of "title" since page names include the… 
Jun 19 2012
ea81d217b56b TrevorParscal
Work around broken .clone in mw.Uri 
Jun 19 2012
Make the API module handle missing pages and page creations 
Jun 19 2012
Make the converter not return an empty document 
Jun 19 2012
If the page doesn't exist, create a "Create" tab, not an "Edit" tab 
Jun 19 2012
Remove userCan hook that had no effect 
Jun 19 2012
44d297f8ff9f TrevorParscal
Fixed post-save behavior 
Jun 19 2012
4ffc6fff601f TrevorParscal
Was checking the wrong thing for undefined 
Jun 19 2012
cf1c033bffef TrevorParscal
Added section edit link functionality from diff pages 
Jun 18 2012