Suppress newlines before category links

Authored by ssastry.


Suppress newlines before category links

  • itwiki:Melampyrum now RTs without semantic errors because the duplicate args category links no longer ends up on a new line.
  • Parsoid now renders enwiki:User:SSastry_%28WMF%29/Category_Test identically to the PHP parser output. The list tests will not RT back the newlines because of newline suppression in list context. RTing of that test case will not be supported (see parser tests).
  • We continue to treat category links as SOL-transparent, because that is their "true nature" in scenarios where newlines aren't stripped (when found at start of text -- they aren't usually, but that is besides the point).
  • Added 2 new parser tests that spec this newline-stripping behavior.
  • Updated wt2html output of 1 parser test. This will no longer wt2wt now because we are not really suppressing the newlines. I am not interested in adding special cases for rting this edge case.

    An alternative would be to actually suppress the newlines in parse output using some special meta-tag like mw:Placeholder or mw:SuppressNewlines or something that is not editable but can be deleted.

Bug: T2087
Bug: T95988

Change-Id: I507dcefcca5a4ee22fb9f9bf0cfe678f14d64991