Kranitor #1: On-boarding

Authored by Krinkle.


Kranitor #1: On-boarding

'''Kranitor commits''' are commits by Krinkle with his janitor hat on.
Must never contain functional changes mixed with miscellaneous changes.


  • Add .DS_Store to the ignore list so that browsing the directories on Mac OS X, will not add these files to the list of untracked files.
  • Fix missing newline at end of file


  • raises -> throws
  • +module (QUnit.module)
  • remove 'Node' (as of node-jshint 1.7.2 this is now part of 'browser:true', as it should be)


  • Adding myself


  • Fix default value of wgVisualEditorParsoidURL to not point to the experimental instance in WMF Labs.


  • ve.ce.TextNode:
    • Fix TODO: Don't perform a useless clone of an already-jQuerified object.
    • Use .html() to set html content instead of encapsulating between two strings. This is slightly faster but more importantly safer, and prevents situations where the resulting jQuery collection actually contains 2 elements instead of 1, thus messing up what .contents() is iterating over.
  • ve.ce.Document.test.js
    • Fix: ReferenceError: assert is not defined
  • ve.dm.Document.test.js
    • Fix: ReferenceError: assert is not defined
  • ve.dm.Transaction.test.js
    • Fix: ReferenceError: assert is not defined
  • ve.dm.TransactionProcessor.test.js
    • Fix: ReferenceError: assert is not defined
  • ext.visualEditor.viewPageTarget
    • Missing dependency on 'mediawiki.Title'

Code conventions / Misc cleanup

  • Various JSHint warnings.
  • Whitespace
  • jQuery(): Use '<tag>' for element creation, use '<valid><xml/></valid>' for parsing
  • Use the default operator instead of ternary when the condition and first value are the same. x = foo ? foo : bar; -> x = foo || bar; Because contrary to some programming language (PHP...), in JS the default operator does not enforce a boolean result but returns the original value, hence it being called the 'default' operator, as opposed to the 'or' operator.
  • No need to call addClass() twice, it takes a space-separated list (jQuery splits by space and adds if needed)
  • Use .on( event[, selector], fn ) instead of the deprecated routers to it such as .bind(), .delegate() and .live(). All these three are now built-in and fully compatible with .on()
  • Add 'XXX:' comments for suspicious code that I don't want to change as part of a clean up commit.
  • Remove unused variables (several var x = this; where x was not used anywhere, possibly from boilerplate copy/paste)
  • Follows-up Trevor's commit that converts test suites to the new QUnit format. Also removed the globals since we no longer use those any more.

Change-Id: I7e37c9bff812e371c7f65a6fd85d9e2af3e0a22f


TrevorParscalJul 27 2012, 9:40 PM
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