Merge branch 'dmrewrite' of ssh://review/mediawiki/extensions/VisualEditor…

Authored by Inez.


Merge branch 'dmrewrite' of ssh://review/mediawiki/extensions/VisualEditor into dmrewrite

Merged Changes

7d9e2d62a3bf rmoen
Restrict ext.visualEditor.core to the VisualEditor namespace in the hook 
May 25 2012
8db39d0bb5a4Christian Williams
Support for plain text paste 
May 25 2012
0227de8c8e9d rmoen
Remove edit token Ajax api request, get edit token from wgUser on save 
May 25 2012
64b9b33eec5fChristian Williams
IE and its silly events 
May 25 2012
83e7eddfaf6fChristian Williams
Support for paste 
May 25 2012
4ca26f18050a rmoen
Switch tabs from read to edit when loading editor. On cleanup, switch tabs back 
May 25 2012
237c0fd21fa8 rmoen
Created VE parsoid API save action. Save action 1) posts html to parsoid… 
May 25 2012