Fix crasher introduced in d722f895

Authored by Arlolra on May 19 2017, 9:15 PM.


Fix crasher introduced in d722f895

  • The old code would send, say, {{デフォルトソート:あきやま とくそう}} off for expansion, which would return {{DEFAULTSORT:あきやまとくそう}}. This time around, resolveTemplateTarget would recognize that as a masquerading magicWordType and do the expected thing.
  • The new code determines beforehand that it's a masq, and so must provide the canonical name to be added as the page property. If not, by the time we get to the tree builder, the token is expected to have typeof and crashes without it.

Change-Id: Ia2035f3eb26f2bb8a24d2bde5fe9f4a1c6c755d6