Update restbase to 10d7242


Update restbase to 10d7242

List of changes:
4ea957b Cookie-forwarding experiment
e410db6 Fixed a stupid foreach on cookie copy and added a sample test
2caaf5f last
513d4b4 Added cookie forwarding (T88016)
866d39d Added simple authentication module which checks permissions for content stored in restbase. Permissions are specified in the spec, and then collected along the path. On request, permission are checked with mediawiki api and 401 is returned in case user lacks any rights.
9a1fa14 Updated docs to realate to the security impl
47f1e44 Fixed according to comments
14e3828 Fixed merge
07ec849 Addressed comments, added tests, refactored
2fa687e Forgot to uncomment code commented for debugging
cfa4c65 Rebase on master
27ba0f4 Rebase on master
0ab40f3 Updated according to comments and fixed issue with resources
343f4c7 Several more little improvements
215fd1a Prepare internal request regex on startup
e44f050 Rebased on top of master
1f44fa0 Use securityDefinition objects
464738e Removed some stale code
d16753b Made swagger spec more valid
45fd4a7 Added descriptions for new definitions
17ee341 Added tests for empty path and refactored tree tests
7be746f Rebase on master
xxxxxxx Update node module dependencies

Change-Id: I7b7c5586d2b54b75b6cd0d325e3abbbcf203fad8


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rGRBD1dfba8517438: Update restbase to f40d976

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