[BREAKING CHANGE] Update OOjs UI to v0.1.0-pre (9f4f250f88) for window…

Authored by TrevorParscal.


[BREAKING CHANGE] Update OOjs UI to v0.1.0-pre (9f4f250f88) for window process cleanup

  • Change the timing of link inspector setup to work better with changes in window process
  • Don't open link inspector suggestions on open anymore
  • Use window isOpening() and isClosing() methods instead of tracking opening/closing status in WindowSet
  • Remove fading effect in context menu
  • Pre-calculate and use moving state for updating inspector with animation only when needed
  • Increase inspector ready process delay to be just a little longer than the CSS transition, instead of 50 ms short of it
  • Update use of closing/closed/opening/open events to use setup/ready/teardown events instead

New changes:
bf4ba74 Localisation updates from https://translatewiki.net.
a99acae Remove use of imaginary config option in OutlineControlsWidget
8db7499 Localisation updates from https://translatewiki.net.
7d7b9ce [BREAKING CHANGE] Window process cleanup

Bug: 66016
Change-Id: I2adcdcfb5b4435dfc77b6eadaa0481c8a1fb2699