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Updated mediawiki/extensions Project: mediawiki/extensions/Wikibase 7bd4cf79c82c87b2c278484d4e54cc03314928d0

Remove unused/non-existing CSS class names from converted special pages

Now I'm simply removing the CSS class names "wb-input-..." everywhere. It
seems these class names changed once. In wikibase.special.css they are called
"wb-label", "wb-button" and so on. The three-part "wb-input-..." class names
never had a meaning.

I'm also removing the now obsolete and meaningless custom class names from
all the special pages that are already converted. Previously the class names
were used to have nice whitespace between the elements on these special pages.
Now this is obsolete because the same is done by the OO style.

Change-Id: I16b20d3b5c842963edffb1ff485669e7f01485c4

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