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Updated mediawiki/extensions Project: mediawiki/extensions/Flow 0b49f72bbf7a47868a4651c8b9fbf5cdb719db64

Link to single-view for block-level EnhancedRC entries

We've recently introduced a new hook in EnhancedRC that allowed
us to manipulate the timestamp & let it link to a post's
single-view action, where there's a link to patrol it.
That bit of code was only used in grouped entries, though. If
an entry is ungrouped (only 1 new post in a topic), it's rendered
differently & that hook wasn't called.
I've added another hook in EnhancedRC that works the same way,
so we can also add that link to the timestamp.

Meanwhile also fixed/cleaned up permissions:

  • we weren't properly using PermissionException class everywhere
  • we should be throwing PermissionsException instead of generic FlowException
  • was missing some return value check in getTimestampLink where it could feed invalid param into another
  • wasn't catching permission issues & aborting hook
  • should be allowed to see suppressed root-permissions things if user has the required permissions

Depends on core patch:
I6b4715277d44e5f09d7a230b33e956676aeab1c2 to introduce hook

And we'll also want to merge this one, though not required here:
I4a2f97d83f38071984d571773a6b09b6b6643d6d to allow hook abortion

Bug: T104399
Bug: T104564
Change-Id: Ib8b76dd501f5e881cdf2348b36a5711dcbaad818

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