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Updated mediawiki/extensions Project: mediawiki/extensions/Flow 94788356fb19e2e006e82f0a3b2768c2b4816f83

Make it seem like new workflow creation has no page

I don't want to make Workflow::create GAID_FOR_UPDATE (to reduce
queries to master when we don't need them)
Previous code was only resetting LinkCache, though. And since
Workflow::create doesn't GAID_FOR_UPDATE, it would still have
fetched the old page id. This will create a stub title with the
same page, but to Workflow it will seem like the page doesn't
yet exist. The workflow will - when we eventually want to store
it to DB/cache - fetch the real article id using GAID_FOR_UPDATE

Bug: T111830
Change-Id: Iee083dac431244de3120c4bd9f2037ad5335bba3

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