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Rearranged entity view header

This change is the first step in rearranging the entity view's header according to the new UI
Major aspects:

  • Editable entity terms (as well as entity terms in additional languages) are displayed in a table below the entity header containing the entity terms in the UI language. By default, the table is hidden on page load.
  • Added user setting to show entity terms on page load.
  • Removed dedicated labelview, descriptionview, aliasesview for altering the entity terms in the UI language from the static header section.
  • Instead of the entity terms in the additional languages only, the entity terms of the UI language are wrapped in entitytermsview as well.
  • Removed TermBoxView.php as the logic is merged with the one FingerprintView.php and the need to render certain components (label-/description-/aliasesview) twice is removed.
  • Added updated CSS definitions to parent widgets removing definitions too specific from labelview and descriptionview in particular.
  • Removed "wikibase-firstHeading" template cloning native "firstHeading" DOM element.
  • Removed table of content item pointing to the entity terms since the entity terms are integrated into the header section.
  • Removed obsolete toolbar definitions for label-, description- and aliasesview.

Bug: T75656 T75657
Change-Id: I21c7d4a466b8da7006b1a9215f85b7b5924ba71e


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