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Authored by thiemowmde.


Updated mediawiki/extensions Project: mediawiki/extensions/Wikibase 436773cb148fa55667eedd13a5656f0f5bae243b

Remove broken unlocalization from MwTimeIsoFormatter

This depends on https://github.com/DataValues/Time/pull/62

The formatter applied his steps in a somewhat mixed way:

  1. Format the year as a localized number.
  2. Put the year in a unlocalized message.
  3. Unlocalize the year by applying string replacements. This also

replaced characters that are part of the message.

This patch is only a step forward. I'm removing the localization
for now. It should be re-added later, most probably in an other

The other changes must be in the same patch because of the roundtrip

Bug: T95532
Change-Id: Ic5b4cd42e5e5690d4787235ab090961d9864989f

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