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Authored by adrianheine.


Updated mediawiki/extensions Project: mediawiki/extensions/Wikibase 3d1e1c23b349fd5bf47bdf358c2cc3bc290e4f14

Use ViewFactory for constructing statementlistviews in statementgroupview

This change introduces a ViewFactory method for creating statementlistview
widgets. This method is passed to the statementgroupview so that it can
create widgets without having to pass it all their dependencies.

It improves separation between the statementgroupview and statementlistview,
since the statementgroupview doesn't have to know how to construct a
statementlistview anymore. It also allows to inject a different
implementation, for example in tests.

This is a third step for T75380.

Bug: T75380
Change-Id: Ifeaa600d7746c0056668b754e4df67ca71cb9b2c

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