Updated mediawiki/extensions Project: mediawiki/extensions/Math…


Updated mediawiki/extensions Project: mediawiki/extensions/Math bc52c77d242a02bc22c7a81e8825d573ce64a7c4

Use extension.json, empty PHP entry point

  • Use string constants instead of integers
  • Derive new names from old via conversion of constant naming convention to CamelCase.
  • Replace old constant string e.g. 'MW_MATH_ABC_DEF' with new string 'abcDef'
  • Replace old constant value with new string.
  • Tests to demonstrates what is actually done.
  • Rename constants

Bug: T106630
Bug: T106631
Bug: T87941
Change-Id: I6d1094ece79e912d9ddbef6681a25196c7a6e801