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Updated mediawiki/extensions Project: mediawiki/extensions/Wikibase f06231b54fe0d59e8487e68949be7ceba190f73c

Use a proper StringParser instead of NullParser for StringValues.

So far, we had a NullParser defiend for parsing values for the commonsMedia,
url, and string data types. Since NullParser always returns an UnknownValue,
this setup was not actually usable by the frontend, causing special case
handling to be implemented in JS. To avoid this, we can now use the new

Using StringParser also allows us to apply unicode normalization to all
incoming string values.

This restores what was already implemented with I226f0dff9.

Bug: T104873
Change-Id: Ifefc996e5fe8d498d4014060086ec1f8a673ee2f

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