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Updated mediawiki/extensions Project: mediawiki/extensions/Flow 1ea821078bf78a37b069b65a9e605cbd34876800

Correctly show the navigation bar again when needed

The bar is shown or not depending on whether or not pagination is
needed. If the user is on the only page (for their current limit size)
it's not meant to be shown.

This works by querying one extra, then checking whether the extra one
was received. If so, there's more to come.

The way the filtering was previously done broke this detection.

After this fix, the navbar is shown correctly. However, as before
this change, the user doesn't actually get the number of history items
they asked for. I've filed T108291 for this; I suggest doing that in
HistoryPager as well.

Bug: T108279
Change-Id: I2a5fc4a741f8c9e1a81c50ff480e25a95e6a75a0

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