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Updated mediawiki/extensions Project: mediawiki/extensions/Flow d0c3e0ce10cdcb5c50ebc22244fc7e0fdc5ab1af

Suppress notification emails for Flow user actions (including import)

For the redirect edits themselves, an alternative method would be
EDIT_SUPPRESS_RC. However, that would also remove them from
RecentChanges where they currently are.

For the moves, there doesn't appear to be an analogous solution other
than this hook yet.

This affects all actions by this user, not just imports. However, I
think this is also desired. See for example T93521.

Also, cache the talk page manager user in-object so it doesn't have to
be found each time.

Bug: T101540
Bug: T93521
Change-Id: I5e8c66e31e5f4bafa3e5fc572e499edc53f10db6