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Updated mediawiki/extensions Project: mediawiki/extensions/Flow ab03830bab7972c1a14d1e442ed42dc1b8129542

Cleanup debugging code for isTalkpageManagerUser

  • Remove ArticleEditUpdateNewTalk debug code. It's unreachable since the hook listener itself has a type-hint on user.
  • Tweak BeforeEchoEventInsert. It is normal for it to be null for some events, so handle that explicitly and don't treat it as a special case.
  • Remove the debug code for AbortEmailNotification, but keep the return true. This should not really happen, but it doesn't hurt to handle it.

Bug: T109063
Change-Id: Ibfbd59914ea2026e1283d94dda40903d7c6de7fa

Event Timeline

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