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Updated mediawiki/extensions Project: mediawiki/extensions/Wikibase 7486dbcddd322f5a2ffcbb191bf2b2e405f0105d

Don't run LinkBegin hook when editing a wiki page

This got run because when editing a wiki page and focusing the
summary field before saving, the stashedit api gets called which
already parses the wikitext and puts it into the parser cache.
Because the api sets $wgTitle to Special:Badtitle/dummy_title_for_
API_calls_set_in_api.php we are technically on a special page and
thus the hook gets run.

This patch makes sure that the hook never changes the link when
called during an api request.

Bug: T111346
Change-Id: I2f70bd81647c92850516b1cb73f0bac9bc4cb2ea

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