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Updated mediawiki/extensions Project: mediawiki/extensions/ContentTranslation e5399a24425da2c68cec6496f3b918c438d338a0

Adjust width of language code, autonym and count in CXStats

  • Put the three elements inside one container, to make it possible to adjust their widths independently of the table.
  • Set widths for the three elements, tested with long codes like be-tarask and map-bms, and with 6-digit translation count.
  • Reduce font size for the language code, and set ltr direction, to ensure that it aligns correctly and that long codes has less chance of overlapping the autonym on small screns.
  • Set overflow: hidden for the case long autonyms do become too long on small screens.

Bug: T110862
Change-Id: I426c4f7ca9651b63a74bcf8b867a072e4a6eb0f9