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Authored by Glaisher.


Updated mediawiki/extensions Project: mediawiki/extensions/CentralAuth 7d86afdfef8d485950bc15b7d22c4ac00c3d5138

Simplify CentralAuthHooks::onGetPreferences

  • If the user has a fully unified account, only a link

to Special:CentralAuth is now shown. (other messages removed)

  • If the user has unattached accounts and 'centralauth-merge'

right, also show a link to Special:MergeAccount.

  • Show status message if the account is not fully unified.
  • Wording changed on several messages.
  • Section is now located below the 'Change password' link.

Bug: T18690
Change-Id: I6ac6271798104289dad03c90a737cb7e96ad1b33

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