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Show real output instead of placeholder HTML

This was removed in Id70d057a0ef5f4b8b59357f37d20f3ec1791ed4d
to simplify some code.
Turns out it shouldn't have been removed, since Special:Undelete
needs it to show the board after it has been deleted.

It couldn't just be reinstated the way it was; a couple of things
had changed since:

  • we need to be able to render for a different user (opt-in needs talkpagemanager to create the page)
  • non-existing workflows are no longer loaded (so attempting to render when workflow does not yet exist = failure)

First had a workaround specific for opt-in already. However, we
shouldn't have to work around that.
I updated Block.php to no longer use the RevisionActionsPermissions
object from Container (which is probably still fine for most
formatters, that start from hooks). Block.php knows the user, and
it should just create the correct permissions object for that user,
instead of using an existing one and failing if the users don't

2nd is just a matter of try/catching. If the workflow does not yet
exist, we can not show any output; simple as that.

Special:Undelete now works fine.
While the page renders & things like infinite scroll work, some
icons are misaligned, which will also have to be fixed.

Bug: T110696
Change-Id: Ia8804d708351c8aa8f251de378a3f564d1d58956

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