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Flatten MedaWiki deploy into a single git repo


Flatten MedaWiki deploy into a single git repo

Tags: Release-Engineering-Team

Maniphest Tasks: T147478

After the local compilation of wikiversions on the deployment master,
add the entirey of /srv/mediawiki to a unified git repository.

This doesn't yet attempt to change the transport mechanism for sync, nor
does it use much of the scap3 code, but it gets us to a single version
number for deployment.

This also overwrites the mediawiki-config repo as all php-* would be
ignored otherwise.

Fixes T147478

Reviewers: bd808, dduvall, demon, mmodell, Release-Engineering-Team

Reviewed By: mmodell, Release-Engineering-Team

Subscribers: jenkins

Differential Revision: https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/D429