Update change-propagation to eab9157

Authored by Pchelolo on Apr 10 2018, 6:26 PM.


Update change-propagation to eab9157

List of changes:
2c930ca Support partitioned topic for refreshLinks.
fd110fc Added a check for the partition_default
50a8c8e Renamed partitioned topic to match production
4aa066c Support multi-topic rules.
06a72ab Only resubscribe rules when filtered topics change
08b9524 Added topic name to the metric name
a16d92d Parse the message before trying to send a metric
3720dda Fixed the new metrics names
b05fb59 Fixed the new metrics names. Again
6629b07 Adapted the change-prop config fot multi-topic rules
8400422 Added tests for regex and array topics
cb73ec8 Fixed deduplication key calculation for multi-topic rules
9430b7a Added support for specifying a sampler per rule and globally
a65e942 Fixed a typo from sampler to sample
5b6c72f Fixed another type samle/sampler
eab9157 Yet another typo with sampler
xxxxxxx Update node module dependencies

Change-Id: I63c50f09d77206cfe1f298e9430fffe659b38029


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