Update function-schemata sub-module to HEAD (4fdbbf4)


Update function-schemata sub-module to HEAD (4fdbbf4)

New changes:
7130492 Add support for dereferenced and executed functions for typed list definitions
3195378 Follow-up 94ff48d: Check that a valid Z6 is a literal Z6 before accessing Z6K1
fa49d3c validationStatus: Also cover toString() and so reach 100%
ba3eda9 definitions: Correct Z24/void to be an instance of Z21/Unit
ea77aa4 schema.validatesAsUnit: Fix to use Z21 not Z23 validation
5e9990d [BREAKING CHANGE] Replace Z23s with Z24s in function-schemata
3db774b definitions: Rename validator function & implementation for Z21
d1507f3 dependencies: Update dependencies map for Z21/Z24 changes
4a68b23 doc: Fix return type of calls to .validateStatus()
7aabc4a Restore validatesAsUnit and former functionality of makeResultEnvelope.
4fdbbf4 normaliser: Don't allow local key references K1 etc. as references, and add tests

Bug: T285433
Bug: T304980
Change-Id: I0ba7fdd6526ab659569329f81f501c776c478968