Update function-schemata sub-module to HEAD (4fade3b)


Update function-schemata sub-module to HEAD (4fade3b)

New changes:
38d570f Add error formatting to schemata validation
2976c6c definitions: [Z13] Convert Z2K2 to canonical form
79bf798 definitions: [Z132] Fix key's label to be a Z12 not Z32
6a8e02b build: Split lint command out
56d826c definitions: Correct types of some error arguments
6a1cb35 Validate generic objects using a hybrid of JS and AJV validation.
4fade3b definitions: Fix all items to have canonical Z2K2s & Z14K4s, not normal

Bug: T287737
Bug: T292091
Bug: T292168
Bug: T292215
Change-Id: I5fc55a9abc3dd38a4a484325fe39375280d3e712