Update function-schemata sub-module to HEAD (b4ac6528e)


Update function-schemata sub-module to HEAD (b4ac6528e)

  • defintions: Correct Z502K2 type from Z99 to Z5 (James D. Forrester)
  • Remove Z9xxxx definitions; expand Z6xx definitions instead (James D. Forrester)
  • build: Upgrade qunit from 2.14 to 2.16 (James D. Forrester)
  • Fix labels of ZLanguages that encountered label clashes (gengh)
  • Allow any object to be a Z18. (Cory Massaro)
  • definitions: Add Z31\Mono- and Z32\Multi-LingualStringSets and update Z2 (James D. Forrester)
  • Define initial programming language instances (James D. Forrester)
  • Copy the built-in ZObject definitions from WikiLambda (James D. Forrester)
  • Z14/Implementation: Allow them to be individual Z18s as well as Z7s (Cory Massaro)
  • Z60/Natural language: Add optional Z60K2 for a list of strings for secondary language codes (James D. Forrester)
  • Z2/Persistent object: Add optional Z2K4 for a Z32 stringset of alias labels (James D. Forrester)
  • build: Update mediawiki-codesniffer from v36.0.0 to v37.0.0 (James D. Forrester)

Bug: T262091
Bug: T278866
Bug: T282819
Bug: T283605
Bug: T285366
Bug: T286808
Bug: T287102
Bug: T287253
Bug: T287271
Bug: T287509
Change-Id: I8371237e1a57ce4f8addd4fd20c730b1c142369d