Cherry-pick changes implementing cross-wiki JavaScript uploads


Cherry-pick changes implementing cross-wiki JavaScript uploads

As well as recent improvements to the dialog used for them and widgets
inside it. This was originally meant for 1.26 release, but we didn't
quite make the deadline and currently 1.26 contains a half-broken
implementation of some parts.

Took all changes made by the four people who worked on this:

git log gerrit/REL1_26..master --no-merges --oneline \
  --author=mtraceur --author=matma.rex --author=prtksxna --author=esanders

Reviewed the list manually, discarded everything irrelevant, added
missing dependencies, cherry-picked and squashed all that remained.

Only conflicts were in release notes and localised message files.
Release notes were transplated manually to RELEASE-NOTES-1.26, while
changes to localised message files were simply ignored (they should be
restored with the next message export for this branch).

List of cherry-picked commits follows.

15429a0 CategorySelector: Add different ways of searching
bd117a4 docs: mediawiki.ForeignStructuredUpload: Fix formatting
fca8cd7 mediawiki.Upload.Dialog: Factor out booklet layout
06f2189 i18n: mw.Upload.BookletLayout: Update message names
43374cb Remove border radii from CalendarWidget
fdd0cd9 Remove blue border from DateInputWidget calendar
7133d74 mw.widgets.DateInputWidget: Implement $overlay config option
e171442 mw.widgets.DateInputWidget: Actually enforce date requiredness
db53362 mw.widgets.DateInputWidget: Actually display the indicator
ad9d610 mediawiki.jqueryMsg: Allow more than one thing inside a wikilink
8b5a5ca Add mw.ForeignStructuredUpload.BookletLayout
bf672c8 mw.widgets.CategorySelector: Link to category page and display existence status
887fedc mw.Upload.BookletLayout: Move error checking for uploadToStash to uploadFile
048b0c2 mw.Upload.BookletLayout: Make all errors unrecoverable
dddb006 mw.Upload.BookletLayout: Go back to upload page on upload error
09bcd25 mw.Upload: Add details of error when uploading to stash
3e596a9 mw.Upload.BookletLayout: Show errors and try to recover from warnings
f04024b mediawiki.jqueryMsg: Refactor handling of replacements/parameters in links
96f03fb mw.Upload.BookletLayout: Add a catch all error state
824e53c Use ForeignFileRepo information for foreign uploads
2814053 Quick fixes for mw.ForeignUpload
6d2f491 More quick fixes for mw.ForeignUpload
b1da5ab mw.ForeignStructuredUpload.BookletLayout: Reset forms after use
a2bc024 mw.widgets.DateInputWidget: Close calendar after a date is picked
9eb2dd5 mediawiki.Upload.BookletLayout: Add setFile method
3cfcce3 mediawiki.jqueryMsg: Strip leading colon in wikilinks
6ac36d1 Add abort method to mw.api
49ecc30 mw.widgets.CategorySelector: Indicate pending requests and abort useless ones
08817d8 RELEASE-NOTES-1.27: Add mw.Upload, its dialog, booklet layouts and subclasses
b21ef76 mw.Upload: Refactor error handling for the umpteenth time
4ba43e2 mediawiki.Upload.BookletLayout: Handle errors from TitleBlacklist (HACK)
e30863f mw.Upload.BookletLayout: Use appropriate messages for warnings
ffd100d mw.Upload.BookletLayout: Correct some message parameters
1dafc0f mw.ForeignStructuredUpload: Use '{{own}}' template for 'source' field
d9c2802 mw.ForeignStructuredUpload: Use the right license template for Commons
a2a232c mw.ForeignUpload: Provide an edit summary to help track these uploads
6f0df25 Remove unused mw.Upload.BookletLayout messages

Change-Id: I24100009d8a0c7c691b7ef44f33bf42f093a514a


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