resourceloader: Merge 'user.groups' into 'user' module

Authored by Krinkle on May 10 2016, 7:47 PM.

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resourceloader: Merge 'user.groups' into 'user' module

This is with T92459 in mind to simplify the process of splitting
the 'user' module for the styles-only queue.


  • Cached HTML isn't relevant in practice since there is no caching for logged-in users and this module is only for logged-in users. Even then, cached HTML will work and may happen as browsers re-use HTML responses when revisiting a privately cached page (after 304 Not Modified). Note that OutputPage (via isKnownEmpty) only actually tries to load 'user.groups' if the wiki has 'MediaWiki:Group-*.{js,css}' pages for the current user's groups.
    • Old style queue request will continue to ask for user.groups which is now a FileModule with no styles (simply concats the empty string to the bundle)
    • Old load() request will resolve with an empty function.
  • The are no known dependants of 'user.groups'. If there are, they will work by proxy of it now being an empty module that just ensures 'user' is loaded.
  • The security origin of 'user.groups' was USER_SITEWIDE. The origin of 'user' is lower (USER_INDIVIDUAL). Pages that are restricted to USER_SITEWIDE previously received user.groups, but won't anymore. This should be fine as OutputPage::reduceAllowedModules() is mainly used to either allow everything or restrict all the way down to CORE. The only exception is disallowUserJs() if $wgAllowSiteCSSOnRestrictedPages is enabled (T73621) but that edge case was made for Common.css, not Group-*.css.

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