Remove unwanted parse step

Authored by matthiasmullie on Jun 3 2020, 11:19 AM.


Remove unwanted parse step

It appears that this line only exists because a Flow test would
otherwise fail. That Flow test, however, seemed to operate under
2 false assumptions. Once those are removed, there may not be a
reason to keep this around anymore.

Having this additional parse step does cause other unwanted side-
effects, though. When making changes to e.g. structured data that
have an effect on the page's content (e.g. add categories), it
doesn't seem to pick up on those changes until a null edit happens
to the page.
AFAICT, this is caused by this specific step, which tries to render
things even though the changes have not yet been stored. This can
easily throw off intermediate caching layers (and cause them to
operate on and/or store stale data)

Bug: T173339
Bug: T251507
Bug: T237991
Bug: T245349
Depends-On: Ie2a83beb5c40e7c7624bcf4db641f2ad436a3478
Change-Id: I198e2bd7ac884a2b74e16a98719a4f9ba90479ed