Language fallback from sh (Serbo-Croatian) to bs, sr-el, hr

Authored by Nemo_bis on Jan 15 2017, 11:08 PM.

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Language fallback from sh (Serbo-Croatian) to bs, sr-el, hr

Bosnian, Serbian and Croatian are closely related languages and have
respectively about 2700, 1400 and 1200 translations identical to that
of Serbo-Croatian, which has about 5400 in total. This demonstrates
that we can profitably reuse some translators' work to reduce the
usage of English in Serbo-Croatian despite the low level of translation
and that there is a logical order in the fallback sequence.

The information has been collected and discussed with translators at
and Wikipedia editors have been notified of the discussion:

Inherit linktrail and digit separators, but not $defaultDateFormat,
$datePreferences, $datePreferenceMigrationMap or
$namespaceGenderAliases to reduce the impact and variance.

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