Update git submodules

Authored by tstarling on Sep 6 2018, 3:13 AM.

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Update git submodules

  • Update extensions/Quiz from branch 'wmf/1.32.0-wmf.19' to 7b7e67e5ff86be59647806c9af3831cbb2d10af5
    • Fix shuffleAnswers infinite loop

      The check for $j already being present in $order should have had a space prepended instead of an empty string. Without the space, attempting to insert index 0 when index 10 has already been inserted will fail, causing the loop to continue.

      With the space added, it still would have been inefficient, with an indeterminate running time averaging O(N^2). A correct array shuffling algorithm like shuffle() only requires O(N) time.

      Bug: T203628 Change-Id: I921e0fa647a545567031d4d0eb2b7b7e59895965


Gerrit Code Review <gerrit@wikimedia.org>Sep 6 2018, 4:00 AM

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Gerrit Code Review <gerrit@wikimedia.org> committed rMW3ae41d4d1dec: Update git submodules (authored by tstarling).Sep 6 2018, 4:00 AM

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