Merged localisation-work branch:


Merged localisation-work branch:

  • Made lines from initialiseMessages() appear as list items during installation
  • Moved the bulk of the localisation data from the Language*.php files to the Messages*.php files. Deleted most of the Languages*.php files.
  • Introduced "stub global" framework to provide deferred initialisation of core modules.
  • Removed placeholder values for $wgTitle and $wgArticle, these variables will now be null during the initialisation process, until they are set by index.php or another entry point.
  • Added DBA cache type, for BDB-style caches.
  • Removed custom date format functions, replacing them with a format string in the style of PHP's date(). Used string identifiers instead of integer identifiers, in both the language files and user preferences. Migration should be transparent in most cases.
  • Simplified the initialisation API for LoadBalancer objects.
  • Removed the broken altencoding feature.
  • Moved default user options and toggles from Language to User. Language objects are still able to define default preference overrides and extra user toggles, via a slightly different interface.
  • Don't include the date option in the parser cache rendering hash unless $wgUseDynamicDates is enabled.
  • Merged LanguageUtf8 with Language. Removed LanguageUtf8.php.
  • Removed inclusion of language files from the bottom of Language.php. This is now consistently done from Language::factory().
  • Add the name of the executing maintenance script to the debug log. Start the profiler during maintenance scripts.
  • Added "serialized" directory, for storing precompiled data in serialized form.


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