API: i18n for warnings and errors


API: i18n for warnings and errors

API warnings and error messages are currently hard-coded English
strings. This patch changes that.

With a few exceptions, this patch should be compatible with non-updated

  • The change to ApiBase::$messageMap will blow up anything trying to mess with it.
  • The changes to the 'ApiCheckCanExecute' hook will cause a wrong (probably unparsed) error message to be emitted for extensions not already using an ApiMessage. Unless they're currently broken like Wikibase.

Bug: T37074
Bug: T47843
Depends-On: Ia2b66b57cd4eaddc30b3ffdd7b97d6ca3e02d898
Depends-On: I2e1bb975bb0045476c03ebe6cdec00259bae22ec
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