Revert r97711


Revert r97711


  • (bug 30245) Use the correct way to construct a log page title.

    This was previously reverted for 1.19 and now reverting again for 1.20, only this time proposing it not to be temporary.

    Right now this is already live on 2 wikis and as soon as it goes live on a non-English wiki (since English namespace name for Log matches the canonical name "Log", and as such causes no breakage yet for bots using the IRC feed), as soon as it goes live on a non-English wiki it will all log actions that bots are monitoring using the irc feed.

    (because no matter which log action is monitored, it all goes back to detecting the page title of Special:Log)

    If properly announced ahead of time it could be done, but we don't have that time anymore. Perhaps re-try in 1.21 or 1.22, but as far as I'm concerned, this bug can be kept WONTFIX as it only affects the IRC feed. And it's not worth the loss that will undoubtedly result from breaking this. Theoretically a certain amount of time for the announcement could be required, and if the change enables something or fixes a security problem, it could be justified, but for this it is just not worth it.

    The human-readable output from the API and on Special:Log are fully localized and even better so with the rewrite that Niklas did last year. The IRC feed however, has little to no gain from this and only causes breakages for the the large amount of bot usage from it, of which many are no longer maintained and as such will not be fixed, no matter how much time it is given. Granted those will probably break no matter what at some point, but hopefully we will have push notification *with* structured data[2] by that time to encourage rewrites of those bots.

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