resources: Move QUnit to resources/lib/qunitjs


resources: Move QUnit to resources/lib/qunitjs

This never belonged in resources/lib/jquery as it isn't a jQuery plugin.
It's its own package and library.

In fact, while it is a jQuery Foundation project, it does not even
depend on jQuery core (e.g. like Sizzle, and PEP).

Change-Id: Ibb00f47f4c9444870832ba8d327853f335708ae7


Event Timeline

after this change


shows the below error!

Uncaught Error: No tests were run.
    at done (<anonymous>:21:403)
    at advanceTestQueue (<anonymous>:19:900)
    at Object.advance (<anonymous>:19:482)
    at begin (<anonymous>:48:177)
    at <anonymous>:47:698

@Yamaha5 It is not possible for this change to cause that error. I suggest you create a task and explain what you want to accomplish, what you are using to try it (PHP version, MediaWiki version, and your code), and what problem you are encountering. Then we can try to help you.