Update LanguageTrTest::testDottedAndDotlessI for PHP 7.3

Authored by santhosh on Jul 23 2019, 6:50 AM.

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Update LanguageTrTest::testDottedAndDotlessI for PHP 7.3

PHP 7.3+ uses Unicode CaseFolding.txt for case mappings. For Turkic
languages(tr,az) the dotted i is given as a special case and we need
to implement it specifically for tr and az.

Updated the documentation and refactored the lcfirst and ucfirst methods
to use arrays containing the above mentioned special cases.

Bug: T207100
Change-Id: I317f2ca66b0adeaa79bc0f9e3dea5edfcd5e4693
(cherry picked from commit 27b424066453d59eeceda48a43d51e4915da960d)