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Authored by Mooeypoo.


Updated mediawiki/core Project: mediawiki/extensions/Echo 4119cd9e128a574925644a740cb5328c8bcb72f6

Align popup footer buttons to take 50% width each

The alignment of the buttons was done haphazadly before, using
padding. This should be done better; we should calculate the buttons
width to be 50% of the width of the popup.

Since the popup accepts a width config, we know what its value is,
and can calculate the proper width. The width was added to the
variables.less file for continued use.

  • Added popupWidth config variable to the badge widget
  • Added OO.ui.ButtonGroupWidget to place the buttons in for consistency and styling
  • Added calculated width styles to both footer buttons
  • Added corrections for MonoBook

Change-Id: Iad2c947da06241e9303cf1f35574177a0f602bbb
(cherry picked from commit a37e764d3d169a583410e027d8a035884338626d)

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