Updated mediawiki/core Project: mediawiki/extensions/Flow…

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Updated mediawiki/core Project: mediawiki/extensions/Flow a42fa42c3ac11b0ae98f10fcf618c2cdb08e4573

Change how memcache.local_buffered/buffered are handled

Always use memcache.local_buffered (even in Importer) in container
definition. However, override it to memcache.buffered
in convertLqtPageOnLocalWiki.php. That way, all uses will
pick up the right one, which is necessary for transaction handling.

Bug: T108972
Bug: T108601
Change-Id: I3b7fef04663758281cf5dc64476f496e27f937a8
(cherry picked from commit daec0fd3e1d8e15a8a255dd91f690b976d5f9012)


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This commit no longer exists in the repository.