Updated mediawiki/core Project: mediawiki/extensions/Flow…


Updated mediawiki/core Project: mediawiki/extensions/Flow ed59999fb233f4076d9c6bb623287477484201af

Fix CAPTCHA on new editors

Previously, the CAPTCHA error showed the raw HTML, and also
there was no way to submit the CAPTCHA.

  • Standardize on onEditorSaveContent
  • Pass specific i18n message related to the spam filter flag to the API response so we know which ones it's safe to treat as HTML.

Bug: T109554
Change-Id: I5df07700540898c7997b9ad0d8c5f81f3b6af721
(cherry picked from commit 890bef9de619abd974cd617f5a96afd6b1486b89)

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