Merge AssertEdit extension into core

Authored by Legoktm.


Merge AssertEdit extension into core

Added &assert=user and &assert=bot for all API modules.

Some functionality was dropped:

  • assert='exists': the edit API already has &nocreate/&createonly
  • nassert parameter: there is no usecase for checking that your account is logged out or not flagged
  • assert=true/false: If you want to test a failing assertion, log out
  • assert=test: Not useful
  • Checking edits via index.php

The error format was changed from:
{"edit": {"assert": "bot", "result": "Failure"}}
to the standard format of API errors in an 'errors' array
using the codes: 'assertuserfailed' and 'assertbotfailed'.

Bug: 27841
Bug: 53106
Change-Id: Ia4815168548fea3dbf1c305792a451374f2a3b7e