Updated mediawiki/core Project: mediawiki/extensions/NavigationTiming…

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Updated mediawiki/core Project: mediawiki/extensions/NavigationTiming 8baeee7c6559130cc7bbd684f811abae2eb2bf6d

Fetch missing Navigation Timing metrics and mwLoadEnd.

Added support for fetching unloadEvent*, redirect*,
domainLookup*, domLoading and domContentLoadedEvent* from
the Navigation Timing API. Also send mediaWikiLoadEventStart
and end as relative to navigation start. Set user timing
for mediaWikiLoadEventEnd.

Bug: T109756
Change-Id: I1aaa31f87e31ec46990fe7420bc664b51927237e
(cherry picked from commit 5d4824f41edca1dc981c8caa8673e8b298372dc1)


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Gerrit Code Review <gerrit@wikimedia.org>Committed on Sep 8 2015, 5:08 PM

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This commit no longer exists in the repository.