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Updated mediawiki/core Project: mediawiki/extensions/WikimediaEvents 092dc3ec9392efb3786cb50b3127e0cf53680d3f

A/B test for experimental suggestions api

Creates test with 1 in 10000 sampling rate per bucket measuring
the zero result rate of the current opensearch completion api
and an experimental cirrus-suggest completion api.

Test must be enabled by setting:

$wgWMEEnableCompletionExperiment = true

Required mediawiki-core patch: I1fab57ea

Bug: T111137
Change-Id: I595db33a1970651f34290bdfe1f924ad11119bc3
(cherry picked from commit 68801adc90d9663e81ee29e826d6b1812ff631de)


EBernhardsonAuthored on
Gerrit Code Review <gerrit@wikimedia.org>Committed on Sep 9 2015, 3:36 PM

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This commit no longer exists in the repository.