Follow-up Improve sorting on SpecialWanted*-Pages

Authored by EddieGP on Feb 21 2017, 12:58 PM.


Follow-up Improve sorting on SpecialWanted*-Pages

Change the SpecialWanted*-Pages so that they do sort

  1. by the number of links to a site (as is now) and
  2. alphabetically for entries which have the same number of links (new)

This is a follow-up for Change-Id If54cd5, commit 5b15728
The previous patch was reverted because using getOrderFields and
prefixing each order field with qc_ in fetchFromCache threw DB errors in
production. This follow-up differs in introducing a new function
fetchCacheUseOrder that returns false by default and thus keeps the
known behaviour. No SQL query is changed from how it is generated right
now unless a subclass has an override for fetchCacheUseOrder.

Bug: T4335
Change-Id: Ic01a3c28892c78ba9a9f0a7d665937efe87b44bd